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Omagbitse Barrow is a teacher at heart and is passionately committed to transforming Education at all levels. In 2014, he pioneered the subject of life skills education for children and spent the next few years after developing books, resources, board games and an educational curriculum for schools in the areas of Financial Literacy, Communication skills, Creativity & Innovation; and Leadership & Personal effectiveness – the essential life skills that children need to learn from as early as possible that will equip them for sustainable success while in school and certainly in their adult life.

Mr Barrow realized as he interacted with professionals as a Corporate trainer and OD practitioner, that these life skills were missing in the educational programs throughout school, and that had they been present, a lot of the remedial education in those areas for adults would have been avoided.

His pioneering books, board games and learning resources in the area of life skills education are available at www.bebetterbooks.biz

In addition to his passion for life skills education, Omagbitse is the Co-Founder and Director of the Creative Learning International School (a primary school in Abuja, Nigeria) and the Thoughtful House Autism Center (one of Nigeria’s leading providers of autism education and support). Both institutions are led by his wife, Oluwakemi Barrow. Please visit www.clcng.com and www.thoughtfulhouseng.org to learn more about these remarkable educational institutions founded by the Barrows.